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LIAM STEWART | The Liam Stewart Band

Lively, Traditional Music . . . for all occasions!


The Liam Stewart Band is regularly featured on various radio stations, in numerous magazine publications, and related musical entertainment websites...check out the following links!

"Take The Floor" - BBC Radio Scotland

Presented by Gary Innes, every Saturday night - the very best in Scottish dance music and entertainment!

The Liam Stewart Band first broadcasted for Take The Floor in January 2020.  Since then, our debut session has been repeated twice and our album, "As Promised" has also been featured.

The Box & Fiddle magazine - NAAFC

A long-standing and iconic magazine, produced by the National Association of Accordion & Fiddle Clubs.

This is a wonderfully vibrant magazine, which features everything from club reports, musicians, festivals and events, as well as fascinating articles about the heritage and traditions of Scottish dance music - well worth reading!


A very popular internet radio station, run by Ewan Galloway and Derek Hamilton.

'Wall-to-wall music! - all styles and genres; featuring a variety of well-known musicians, singers, bands, both past and present. - The Liam Stewart Band regularly features on a number of the programmes.

Celtic Music Radio

Celtic Music Radio is a Community Radio station in Scotland, broadcasting to the Glasgow area on 95.0 FM, and also worldwide via the internet.

The Liam Stewart Band features regularly on various shows, and selected as the 'Album of the Week, in April 2021.